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About Biconomic Token

BMB (Biconomic) is a token supporting several business services and games that offer exciting new business plans

Bigmomentgame is the first project to use the BMB token. This project is in the final stages of development and is set to launch on April 15. This game allows users to upgrade and sell attractive NFTs in the marketplace.

The Big Moment is an easy-to-play puzzle game that can appeal to many players. In addition, there is a daily game section with the possibility of collective competition with special charms. By the end of 2022, players who have reached the highest level will be invited to an event in Dubai, where they will receive their NFTs in a physical manner and auction them off.

The BMB token will be used on several attractive platforms soon and will be widely traded worldwide.
Each platform will be a new and widely used idea around the world. Users of these applications may find unique features in their fields that meet 90% of their needs. With just this platform alone, you will be able to access a vast exchange market that will meet your needs worldwide

Other platforms that make up a large portion of the BMB exchange market include several game sites and applications with exciting ideas that will be used worldwide. BMB will also be a lottery ticket for those wishing to own million-dollar homes and cars in the real world. BMB coin holders will have the highest odds of winning this house and luxury vehicles that will be broadcast on reputable TV channels. As part of the public benefit of this system, we intend to compensate Turkish companies for the damage caused by Covid-19 by creating a fund out of the profits generated by BMB Coin. Moreover, in the long run, implementing a positive system based on the excessive use of the lira will help to boost the national currency against the dollar.